Tri the Gulf

Saturday, October 17, 2020

100 Orleans Drive Dauphin Island, AL

Please note our race courses are subject to change at the discretion of the Race Director.

Relevant to 2020: the Run Course has changed as of Friday, January 18, 2019 which also changed the Transition Area run out; see revised course and transition below.



Your swim course will be 600 yards in protected Gulf waters. Self-Seeded Time Trial beach start.  We utilize the "cable tow" approach for the swim course.  This means that we have a series of oversized buoys connected by marine line extending from the shoreline out 300 yards.

Self-Seeded means you enter the water based on your expected swim finish time. If you think you'll finish the swim in under 8mins, you'll enter the water first. 9-10mins, 10-11mins. 12-13mins, 13-14mins, 14-15mins, 15mins + will enter the water, accordingly. We will maintain the integrity of the time trial start with athletes entering the water every 5 seconds.

Swimmers will swim southward to end of cable (marked with buoys) and then return northward on other side of cable to shore.


Your bike course will be 16.7 miles. Leaving Isle Dauphine Golf Club, you will travel along Orleans Drive, right on Bienville Blvd to a turn around at Albright Drive, right on Lemoyne and bike over the Bridge and back, right on Bienville Blvd, right on Perdido Street, left on Cadillac Ave, left on Pirates Cove, left on Orleans Drive to return to transition. The bike course will be open but well secured. You will have one full lane for an out and back trip across the Bridge. The other lane will be open to traffic with police escort.



New Run Course since 2019!!

Your run course will leave transition traveling along Orleans Drive, turn right on Natchez St, right on Alabama Ave, left on Lackland Street, right on Bienville Blvd, right on Fort Charlotte Ave, left on Hernando St, enter DeSoto Landing Condomiminum development and follow directions to enter the Isle Dauphin Golf Club's course (your off-road section) for the final sprint to the finish line. The off course section of our 2019 run course is 8/10th of a mile.

Please note that our 2019 run course is a trial for future Tri the Gulf. Assuming the new course gets good feedback we will maintain this new course for future Tri the Gulf. If not, we will return to our previous course. 


Transition is subject to change in accordance with timing company requirements.